Betsy Cosper

Originally from Montreal, Betsy Cosper has been a resident of Halton Hills for over 20 years and involved in community activities for much of that time. Betsy is a career marketer with experience in both B2B and CPG and has left her mark on many brands that are used every day. In addition to her current role as VP Marketing at Elastochem Specialty Chemicals, she provides consulting to the construction industry. With a passion for cooking, Betsy completed her chef’s degree and as an avid cook and recipe creator, is writing her own collection of favourite recipes.

Serving the community she lives in has always been important to Betsy and she has been a volunteer for many years in the area. Most recently she has been part of the Heritage Committee, currently volunteers at the Georgetown Hospital, and is in her second term on the Library Board. Being on the Library Board is important to Betsy as she wants to ensure there is awareness of this wonderful community hub that exists in Halton Hills. 

For Betsy, "libraries are not just repositories of books, they function as a vital community focal point, facilitating connections between individuals and information. A library is an inclusive haven, embracing people from diverse backgrounds and ensuring everyone has access to learning. This is a fundamental role in communities for nurturing the growth of knowledge, nurturing curiosity, and promoting lifelong learning".