The Halton Hills Public Library Board is committed to ensuring that everyone can easily use the library’s collections while providing fair and consistent service for all members. 

The borrowing policy includes: 
  • The eligibility requirements for library membership 
  • The types of library cards available  
  • Member confidentiality and the terms of the library card agreement 
  • Borrowing responsibilities of the library cardholder 
  • Access and lending policies, including recovery of overdue materials 
Library Membership

The public may visit any library location and use most of the resources within the library. A library card is required to access many library services, including, but not limited to, borrowing materials, and using digital collections and resources. Library cards are issued free of charge to eligible individuals. 


Types of Library Cards


Discovery Card (Adult) 

Discovery Cards are available to individuals who are 18 years of age and over who are residents of Halton Hills. Applicants must provide proof of identification with a name and address. Individuals with proof that they work, pay taxes or go to school in Halton Hills are also eligible. Members enjoy full access to all library materials and services. 


Discovery Card (Youth) 

Youth Discovery Cards are available to individuals between 14 and 18 years of age who are residents of Halton Hills. Applicants may present their student card or identification with a name and address. Individuals with proof that theywork or attend a school in Halton Hills are also eligible. 


Discovery Card (Child)  

Child Discovery Cards are available to children under the age of 14 with a parent’s or legal guardian’s consent and by showing proof of identity. Individuals with proof that they are a student at a school in Halton Hills are also eligible. 


Inspire Card 

Inspire Cards are available to individuals with limited identification or those who choose to have more basic borrowing privileges. These cards provide access to all online services, including eResources, download and streaming services, in-library computers, and study rooms. Individuals may borrow up to three print items, such as books and magazines, at a time. 


Non-Resident Card 

Non-residents of Halton Hills can purchase an annual library membership: 

  • There is an annual non-refundable fee effective from the date of registration. Annual fees are listed in Appendix 1: Schedule of Fines and Fees.  

  • Applicants must show identification showing their name and address. Cardholders will be asked to verify their address and phone number at the time of renewal. 

  • Non-resident cards have the same privileges as Discovery Cards.  

  • Non-residents who are eligible for a Reciprocal Borrowing Card may wish to pay the annual fee to obtain access to our full eResource collections.  

Expired cards will be removed from the system. 


Reciprocal Borrowing Cards: 

Halton Hills Public Library has several formal, reciprocal borrowing agreements with neighbouring municipalities. Individuals from outside of Halton Hills require a valid library card from a participating library system, along with identification showing their name and address. A Halton Hills Public Library card is not issued. The patron's home library card number is used. Cardholders have limited access to digital collections and eResources. 


Participating systems include: 

  • Brampton Public Library 

  • Burlington Public Library 

  • Caledon Public Library 

  • Milton Public Library 

  • Oakville Public Library 

  • Wellington CountyLibrary 


Membership Confidentiality

The library protects personal information about borrowers according to the Privacy Policy. 

Information about what a person has borrowed is removed from their account after the item is returned, except in the following cases: 


  • When fines and fees may have occurred. 

  • When the member has activated the borrower history feature, which keeps a list of returned items viewable only through the patron interface. 

  • When information is used to guide the selection of materials for Home Library Service patrons. 


Staff may access the last borrower information for library business purposes only. 

Borrowing Responsibilities

Signing the library card implies the cardholderagrees to follow the rules and regulations of the Halton Hills Public Library. All cardholders are responsible for 


  • Presenting their card to borrow, renew material or pick up their reserved items.   

  • All materials checked out on their card. 

  • Returning materials to the Halton Hills Public Library by their due date. Returning items on time enables others to enjoy the library’s collections. Certain items may need to be returned during open hours. 

  • Promptly reporting the loss or theft of a library card.  

  • Promptly reporting changes in their registration information such as name, address, contact information. 

  • Using library materials for their intended and recommended use, and as per library material instructions. Library members use library materials at their own risk. 

Cardholders also authorize the library to collect personal information for the purpose of providing a service.  

Membership Verification

Discovery, Inspire and Reciprocal cardholders are required to verify their contact information every two years. Non-resident cardholders are required to verify their contact information annually.  

Borrowing Privileges

A valid Halton Hills Public Library card is required to borrow materials and use some in-branch services. Loan periods vary based on the materials borrowed and the type of library membership 


According to the Public Libraries Act, there should not be any charge for accessing the library's collection or for borrowing any of the materials listed in the regulation. 


According to the Public Libraries Act, the Board may charge for services not listed as free and may charge fines for returning materials late. Details about the fines and fees at Halton Hills Public Library are in Appendix 1Schedule of Fines and Fees Policy. 

Materials Recovery

All items borrowed from the Halton Hills Public Library need to be returned to one of its locations. To encourage the prompt return of material and ensure fair use of its services, the Halton Hills Public Library has set overdue fine rates and thresholds for suspension of useAll adult borrowers over 24 years of age will be subject to applicable fines; however, staff may exercise discretion in their application. Fine rates are reviewed to ensure that they are reasonable. Current fines and fees are described in Appendix 1: Schedule of Fines and Fees. Patrons have the option to check their borrowing record at any time to see which materials are outstanding and whether there are any fines owing. 


The library has an established procedure for handling overdue materials, with overdue notices sent out on a schedule based on the material borrowed and the patron type. 

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Library card membership is suspended for members who have fines or overdue materials that exceed the limit threshold or if they fail to follow the library’s rules and regulations. See Fines and Fees Policy. 


Membership privileges are withdrawn from individuals who do not follow library rules or who refuse to return or pay for lost or damaged material borrowed on their card. 

Inactive Library Cards
Inactive cards are deleted on a seven (7) year cycle.


Revised (formerly Operational Policies)/Approved: June 9, 2021
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