The Halton Hills Public Library recognizes and affirms the dignity of those they serve, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical, or mental abilities. The Halton Hills Public Library makes diversity and inclusion priorities in planning and decision making for staffing, collections, and services that:

  • Provide safe and welcoming spaces that reflect the diversity of all residents and where all people experience an equal sense of belonging.  
  • Encourage relationship building among diverse individuals and groups to develop solidarity and allyship.  
  • Eliminate systemic discrimination and barriers.  
  • Provide marginalized communities' opportunities for education and learning.  
  • Advocate for public and community services to be inclusive and reflective of the needs of diverse residents and communities. 

For more information on our commitment to the Halton Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Charter, please visit the Halton Equity and Diversity Roundtable website

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The Halton Hills Public Library regularly plans events to inspire and inform our community about relevant issues.

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HHPL is dedicated to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion in all of our programming, services and collections.

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