Erica Daly
Erica has been a Georgetown resident for most of her life, only briefly leaving to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce in Integrated Business and Humanities from McMaster University followed by a Masters of Environment and Sustainability from Western University. Erica takes pride in being a member of the Halton Hills community and often finds that wherever she goes, she never fails to meet someone with a connection to her hometown.

Erica works in applied research as a project manager for energy and power initiatives in remote Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario. She strongly believes in getting involved in and giving back to the communities around her. Erica volunteers with ALS Canada helping to facilitate annual Walk to End ALS fundraisers and is now serving her first term on the HHPL Board.

Ever since she was a kid, Erica has been an avid reader. She is fascinated by the enriching power words have on imagination and curiosity, and has a strong appreciation for just how important that is. Erica has an affinity for visiting libraries wherever she goes in the world, but is always glad to come home to, and now serve, her own local library.