The Halton Hills Public Library Board, established in 1974 by municipal by-law 74-43, is the successor to the Library Boards of Acton (est. 1898); Georgetown (est. 1895) and Esquesing (est. 1973).    

In 1985, subsequent to the passage of the Public Libraries Act, 1984, Council passed by-law 85-77 which re-established the Halton Hills Public Library Board, specified the number of board members and the composition of the membership, and authorized the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the board to call the first meeting of the board in each new term.   

The new by-law took effect after the municipal election of November 12, 1985 at which time by-law 74-42 was repealed. In 2003, by-law 85-77 was updated following changes in the Public Libraries Act.  

In addition to amendments in board composition, by-law 03-0116 expanded the qualifications for board members and the desired membership mix. A copy of the municipal by-law establishing the current library board can be found within the Board Policy Manual. 

The Board Policy Manual, which follows, contains the approved by-laws of the board as well as approved operating policies. In addition to the Board Policy Manual, a Library Personnel Policy Manual exists to document policy with respect to staffing issues. 

The Public Libraries Act states that a library board “shall seek to provide, in co-operation with other boards, a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s unique needs”. To fulfill this responsibility, the Halton Hills Public Library Board has adopted the following Vision, Mission and Goals. 

To enrich the lives of everyone in our community. 
To empower our community through ideas, creativity, and connection in a welcoming, safe and supportive environment. 

Welcoming and Inclusive

  • We provide a welcoming safe space
  • Our Board and staff reflect the diversity of our community
  • We will enhance the Library user experience
  • Our spaces will meet your needs in an inspiring and accessible way 

Community Connection

  • We build a connected community through collaboration and partnerships
  • We will raise the profile and awareness of the Library’s role in the community
  • We expand our reach and presence throughout our community 

Enriching Lives

  • We cultivate and deliver leading-edge programs
  • We expand access to technology and promote digital literacy
  • We enhance community wellbeing
  • We continue to develop our collections