Tamara Smith

Tamara Smith grew up in New Brunswick and came to Ontario for university after completing a certificate program at Dalhousie University. Tamara and her husband made their way to Georgetown after having two children and outgrowing their bungalow in Toronto in 2008. Tamara was drawn to the hometown community feel that she missed. As a senior professional in marketing and strategic planning, Tamara has worked for both profit and not profit companies and spent a significant portion of her career within an agency environment.

Tamara joined the HHPL Board in 2010 to help promote the services and value of the library to her community. She has a deep love of words, etymology, reading and writing, and a natural curiosity that keeps her learning. As a mom of teenagers, Tamara was very involved in the sports programs in Georgetown, ranging from hockey and figure skating to soccer and gymnastics. She belongs to a local writer’s group and hopes to publish her own book some day. One of Tamara’s favourite quotes is “The library is one of the few public places left where you’re allowed to exist without the expectation of spending any money”, attributed to Neil Gaiman.