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Halton Hills Public Library (HHPL) needs your help to bring innovation, technology, programming, and collections, directly to you! We would like to purchase a book bike through funding provided by the Commonwell L.E.A.F. Grant, and you can help us do it.

How Can You Help?
Help us qualify by leaving a positive comment or adding a story on HHPL’s Leaf Grant page. Let us know why you like the library and how it might help to have our book bike visit a location or event near you.

What is a Book Bike?
A book bike is an electric bike that is specially outfitted to bring library staff, books and other innovative collections, and engaging library programs to key places where people gather such as parks, community centers, outdoor festivals, fairs, and neighbourhood events. The book bike will offer free Wi-Fi, as well as accessible S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education materials. By stocking the book bike with a wide variety of quality library books and other collections, residents will be able to access and borrow these items in convenient locations across Halton Hills.

Why a Book Bike?
The Halton Hills Public Library strives to create a connected community and enrich lives through inclusive programs and services. We intend to reach Halton Hills residents in new ways, promoting healthy active living and community togetherness while offering meaningful literacy programming to all residents of Halton Hills, no matter where they live. In addition, the book bike is an environmentally sustainable way for us to take the library out into the community and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Thank you for supporting your local library and for helping us bring the Library to you and your family!