Public Libraries strengthen local communities.

Ontario Public Libraries bring incredible value to the communities they serve, and Halton Hills Public Library is no exception. Find out more about this community asset and how it supports your community.

Book spines.

Every year, Ontarians of all ages make 200 million visits to their local public library. HHPL had over 182,500 visits in 2022.

Book spines.

Ontario’s public libraries provide Ontarians with access to over 250,000 local programs. In 2022, over 20,600 participants attended programs at HHPL, and even more people accessed eLearning courses!

Book spines.

Every dollar invested in public libraries generates significant direct economic benefits back to the community. In 2022, Halton Hills residents received $7.78 worth of value for every $1 invested in the library.

Advocacy Committee

The Halton Hills Public Library Advocacy Committee is a subcommittee of the Library Board. This core group of passionate people believe strongly in the cause and support of your local library, knowing how it supports so many residents, groups, schools, institutions, and businesses in our area. 

Advocacy Committee Members

The Halton Hills Public Library Advocacy Committee would be happy to speak to your organization or group. 

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Literacy and learning at HHPL

Learn more about how the Halton Hills Public Library supports the well-being of children and helps them build important pre-reading and literacy skills.

Around our HHPL community

Photo Gallery: Discover what we do for our community will appear here on the public site.

“I can’t begin to express our gratitude for your leadership, ingenuity, cooperation, passion, creativity and simplicity offered through your virtual Services and activities! I’m so very proud of you, my hometown library.” [donation sent as thank you]~ Chantelle

 “Thank you HHPL, I appreciate all that you’re doing to get books into people’s hands.”~ Nicole

 “Thanks to all the staff for the extra work you are putting in to help all of us in the community feel a little sense of normal!”~ Rebecca

 “Thank you HHPL! You guys are rocking it with the virtual and digital resources for kids and adults.”~ Cheryl

 “I want to give a joyful shoutout to the Georgetown Library. Not only do they have a service that delivers a bag of books monthly to my dad (who lives in a senior’s building on Durham St.), they also have a “wellness check” phone call to him on occasion. What a wonderful service-oriented facility. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.~ Linda 

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