Welcome to the children's area of the library! Children of all ages are important to us. We have many programs and events for children throughout the year. To see what's happening now, browse our Program Calendar for children's programs and events.

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Below is a partial list of our Children's Programs:

Please note: Some of these programs are offered in 8 week sessions four times a year. Some programs require registration and some require fees (to cover instructors and materials) that must be paid at registration.

Group visits

The Halton Hills Public Library welcomes tours and group visits! See our Group Visits page for more information.

Every Child Ready to Read 

The Halton Hills Public Library is your partner in getting your child ready to read! Every Child Ready to Read is an early childhood literacy program developed by the American Library Association (ALA). 

Literacy and learning are fundamental skills for a child’s happiness and success. From their birth to their teens, your child learns, develops, and grows at an astounding rate. The Halton Hills Public Library is here to help you and your child, through all the formative years. Visit one of our early literacy programs based on the Every Child Ready to Read literacy practices. We have programs for ages from birth to preschool!

The five early literacy practices used in our children's programs are:


Talking with your child is one of the best ways to help develop language and other early literacy skills. Conversations help a child express thoughts, learn what words mean, and gain new information about the world. When you talk with your child:

  • Repeat phrases back to your child
  • Expand on ideas
  • Use new vocabulary
Singing helps children hear the distinct sounds that make up words. This is an important early literacy skill. Songs also teach new vocabulary and introduce new ideas and concepts. When you sing with your child:
  • Move with the music
  • Make simple musical instruments
  • Don’t worry if your voice is not perfect. Research tells us that caregivers’ voices are a child’s favourite!
Shared reading or reading books together is the single best way to help children develop early literacy skills. Read together every day and talk about the books you read. When you read with your child:
  • Create a special space
  • Have your child help turn the pages or pretend to read to toys
  • Ask questions
  • Always let your child select the reading material
Reading and writing go together. Writing activities help children learn letter names and sound out new words. Writing also helps children understand that written words represent ideas, places, and events. The first steps of writing include:
  • Making marks
  • Drawing
  • Name writing
  • Word writing

Children learn how to express themselves, the meaning of words, and other early literacy skills by playing. Play requires a little space, simple props, and some imagination and encouragement. You don’t need special toys or expensive electronics.

The Halton Hills Public Library is a great place for your child to socialize and learn. While you are here visiting, be sure to register for a Library Card!