Friends of the Halton Hills Public Library logoThe Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers dedicated to enhancing library programs and services for the community. Through book sales and other fundraising activities, the Friends of the Library contribute to the development and enhancement of library services for children, teens, and adults wherever the need is greatest.

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Who are the Friends of the Halton Hills Public Library?

We are a nonprofit charitable organization and we: 

  • Promote awareness of the Library, its resources, and services
  • Advocate for sufficient resources and high-quality Library services
  • Raise funds for special projects and enhancements (e.g. equipment furnishings, programming, and collection development)
  • Encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to the Library
What do the Friends do?

The Friends support the library through revenue generating activities such as:

  • Managing used book kiosks
  • Selling of promotional items
  • Staging special fundraising events
Ways to participate

Events sponsored by the Friends

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