Battle of the Books is an annual book based trivia tournament for Halton Hills' elementary school children in grades 3 through 8.

Program Dates for 2024: 

  • Senior Teams (grades 6, 7, 8) will meet on Wednesday, April 3rd 2024.
  • Junior Teams (grades 3, 4, 5) will meet on Thursday, April 4th 2024. 
  • Grand Battle will be held in the evening on Thursday, April 25th 2024.

Register for Battle of the Books

How do I register?

Register for Battle of the Books

  • We invite all schools in Halton Hills to play. 
  • To register a home school team, please contact the library by phone at 905-873-2681 or email 

Why play Battle of the Books?

  • Battle of the Books is a literacy-building program that is a great way to get your students or children excited about reading, and to help them find new books. It also builds good sportsmanship and fair play.
  • We call it a “Battle” but our emphasis is on fun!

Who can play?

  • Students in grades three to eight from any Halton Hills school can play.
  • Your team needs a school staff member or volunteer to act as a coach.
  • A library staff member will be assigned to you at the start of the event. This staff member will help make sure that everything runs well.

How are the teams organized?

  • Students from grades three, four and five play in the Junior Battle.
  • Students from grades six, seven and eight play in the Senior Battle.
  • Your school can send one junior and one senior team.
  • Your team can have up to nine players. Three students from each grade is ideal.
  • Six players from your team will face off against another team of six. The remaining three players are substitutes and join halfway through the battle. The substitutes usually switch places with someone from their own grade.
  • In a battle, your team should have two players from each grade. For example: two from grade three, two from grade four, and two from grade five.
  • If your team does not have enough players from one grade, you can swap out players from a younger grade for those in an older grade. For example: two from grade three, three from grade four, and one from grade five. You cannot add an older player in the place of a younger one.

Where does it happen?

  • At the Georgetown Branch.
  • Several battles happen at once, in different areas around the Library and Cultural Centre. Ask for help if you're not sure where to go.

When does it happen?

  • Round Robin Battles
    • This is the main event that runs every spring. It happens over the course of two or three school days.
    • The dates are announced at the start of the year.
  • Grand Battle
    • A few weeks after Battle of the Books, the top Junior and Senior teams return to the library for an evening battle.
    • Families are invited to attend.
    • The date is announced at the start of the year.

How do players travel to Battle of the Books?

  • Travel is arranged by the schools.

How does a battle work?

  • Your team is asked a question based on a book.
  • They have 30 seconds to guess the author and/or title. They get five points for the right title and three points for the author.
  • If your team doesn't know the author and/or title, the other team gets a chance to guess. They get two points for title and one for author.
  • The questions go back and forth between the two teams.
  • A battle is made up of eight pairs of questions. When a battle is over, we add up the points and the teams move to their next battle.
  • Each team has a rest period, known as a bye. When your team is on a bye they can rest, chat and enjoy a snack that we provide.
  • Teams always play the same number of rounds, usually four.
  • We keep track of each team's total score. At the end of the battle we announce the top teams.

Can parents watch?

  • We invite parents to watch, especially at Grand Battle where we have lots of seating. Seating is limited during the initial Battle of the Books.