Learn about key events in the history of Halton Hills, including the history of Georgetown, Acton and surrounding communities.

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Local History Kits can be signed out for a six week period. They are great for school projects, teachers, and the general public. Each kit includes print materials, suggested readings for junior and senior students, and instructions on searching our online local history resources.

Each Kit Contains:


  • Georgetown: Reflections of a Small Town (2006), John Mark Benbow Rowe
  • Acton: The History of Leathertown (2002), John Mark Benbow Rowe
  • Collections 1, J.M.B. Rowe, Dawn Livingstone, and Elaine Robinson, eds.
  • Excerpt from Collections 2, J.M.B. Rowe and Walter Lewis, eds.
  • Collections 3, J.M.B. Rowe, Walter Lewis and Geoff Cannon, eds.
  • Acton`s Early Days: Recollections of the “Old Man” (2006), H.P. Moore
  • Halton Sketches Revisited: Historical Tales of People and Events in North Halton (2003), John McDonald


  • Acton
  • Georgetown
  • Stewarttown
  • Terra Cotta
  • Limehouse
  • Glen Williams
  • Norval

Resource binder and materials:

  • Assignment Topic Lists
  • Resource Guides
  • Communities
  • Loyalists
  • African-Canadians and the Underground
  • Railroad
  • Grand Trunk Railway
  • Temperance
  • World War I
  • Local Business/Industry
  • Other Areas of Interest
  • USB Key